Beaverlodge Elementary School welcomes Bev Nayko as Acting Assistant Principal

Mrs. Bev Nayko has been named Acting Assistant Principal of Beaverlodge Elementary School (BES) and will join Ms. Stacey Rey as its new admin team for the upcoming school year.

Mrs. Nayko has been teaching within Peace Wapiti Public School Division since she began subbing in 1992. She covered her first maternity leave at La Glace School in 1993 before moving to Valhalla School the following school year. In 2002, she started teaching at BES and has been at the school ever since. ā€œIā€™m looking forward to continuing to work in a fantastic school with dedicated staff, students, and community members. I am eager to keep our school a safe place where everyone feels cared for and valued!ā€ says Mrs. Nayko. She adds that she is excited to learn her new role and new ways to prepare students for the future.

Mrs. Nayko attended La Glace School from Kindergarten to Grade 9 before graduating from Sexsmith Secondary School. In 1992, she earned her Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta.